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Welcome to Hanover. Hanover is a very nice city in the north of Germany. Because I like my city and I want to help you to find some information about Hanover, I am doing this website. For the reason to find everything you need to know easily, I give you some hints:
  • At the top you can find the flag. By clicking it, you can switch into your prefered language.
  • Below you find the main topics for navigation.
  • Inside each topic you can find some sub contend.
  • In case you need some help or you have any Idea about this website, feel free to contact me.
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Hanover center


Hanover is known as a green city. You can find many trees, parks, gardens, lakes, places for food, drinks, activities and festivals

railway crossing

important to know

In Hanover you can also find public transportation, pharmacies, hospitals, emergencies, ... Don't worry. I give you a brief introduction to that topics.

lake Steinhuder Meer


During free time with nice weather, you can find beautiful calm places for relaxing, photographing and more around Hanover. Get inspired.

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You want to know who I am and why I am doing this website? I share some information about me, my leisure time activities and photos.